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Blackened Fish Sandwich


blackened fish of the day, Hawaiian pineapple slaw, jalapeño tartar sauce, rosemary butter compote- fried or pan seared on request

Blackened Fish Sandwich Removals:No Bun No Fish No Coleslaw No Tartar Sauce No Rosemary Butter
Sides:No side Potato Chips Fries Parmesan Garlic Fries +$3Sweet Potato Fries +$2.50Onion Rings +$2.50Side Onion Strings +$1.50Salad Ranch +$1.50Salad Balsamic +$1.50Salad Blue Cheese +$1.50Salad Caesar +$1.50Salad Oil/Vinagre +$1.50Salad Ginger +$1.50Chowder Cup +$5Tortilla chips Coleslaw +$1.50
Fish:Grilled Fried Blackened
Additional Modifications:Add Bacon +$2Add Avocado +$2Add Double Patty +$3Add Onion Strings +$1Add Jalapenos +$0.75Lettuce Wrap Add Egg +$2
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